2022 Rooster Analysis

2022 鸡生肖运程

2022 Overall Forecast for People Born in the Year of the Rooster

People born in the Year of the Rooster have mixed fortunes this year. At your workplace, there will be benefactors to guide you, and you will receive recognition for your hard work. However, the presence of inauspicious stars signals loss of wealth luck, so be sure to manage your personal belongings carefully.  For those who are starting a business, you need to manage your wealth and save up for rainy days.


属鸡的朋友,今年运势吉凶参半。职场上会遇到贵人相助,勤劳苦干的朋友会得到成就。在凶星的影响之下,尤其是创业的朋友,理财很重要, 要未雨绸缪。 今年,属鸡的朋友也要管理好自己的财物,以免丢失。


2022 Career Forecast for People Born in the Year of the Rooster

Under the positive influence of the auspicious stars [Long De] and [Zi Wei], seize the opportunities given by your boss and give your best shot. Those with leadership positions should lead your team well to achieve good results for your organisation.




2022 Wealth Forecast for People Born in the Year of the Rooster

Under the influence of unfortunate stars [Bao Bai] and [Tian E], you are likely to suffer unexpected financial losses.Those who are starting a business must not take it lightly when dealing with money. Nowadays, the tricks of fraud groups are too advanced to let people guard against it, so you should handle it carefully to avoid frauds. This year, you should focus on directly-associated wealth, the unexpected wealth fortune is not good, speculation is also prone to mistakes.




2022 Relationship Forecast for People Born in the Year of the Rooster

Singles will not enjoy much romance this year as the people you meet are unlikely your ideal partners. When it comes to relationships, conflicts are inevitable but it does not have to be emotionally distressing. Take a step back to calm yourself down, listen to your partner’s needs and reach a compromise.


单身的朋友,今年较不会有机会遇到心仪的对象。即使有遇到对象,感情方面发展也比较不太顺利。对已婚者而言,有句俗语说 “夫妻没有隔夜仇,床头吵架床尾和”,夫妻之间口角多。师傅建议在吵架时,一方就需要退一步,冷静后再一起好好交谈,不可冷战是非常伤感情的。


2022 Health Forecast for People Born in the Year of the Rooster

It is important to manage your emotions well as you will be influenced by [Xi Shen] and other inauspicious stars, causing anxiety and extreme changes in mood. Overworking can also affect your physical and mental health. This is not a good year to engage in high-risk activities. 




Lucky Numbers – 14, 61

Lucky Colours – golden yellow, silver


幸运号码 -14,61

幸运颜色-金黄色, 银色



Circle of light|“石”来运转手链


The Infinity Sphere| 天地运转


Abundance of Blessings| 财米通满



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